WCM & RVB Launch New Series with Niki Benedict

At The Intrepid Group, we are thrilled to be partnering with Woodall’s Campground Magazine, RV Business Magazine and Niki Benedict’s company, Connecting Thru, in sponsoring Niki’s journey throughout the country! Big shout-out to Gregg Fore in pulling this all together.

As part of Niki’s core work for WCM and RVB, she will be assisting UPB in identifying off-market acquisition opportunities in the Outdoor Hospitality industry to better serve our clients. Our specialty is in these off-market opportunities, and no better way to serve the needs of our buyers and sellers than by aligning with the leading industry publications!

If you’ve not had the opportunity to visit with Niki, I’m very certain you will find her to be one of the more engaging persons you’d ever hope to encounter, and we are honored to work with her. Check out her introductory video in the link below, and stay tuned for updates!

Congrats to RV Business and Woodall’s Campground Magazine for what will no doubt be a very successful venture with Niki, and I know I’m looking forward to her unique take on this great industry. Bravo!

WCM & RVB Launch New Series with Niki Benedict