About Us

Decades of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Experience.

Our business model is in identifying both on- and off-market opportunities based upon the criteria of our clients and negotiating directly on their behalf.

Owing to our extensive industry contacts garnered over decades in the industry, we are networked with buyers and sellers across the spectrum, from individuals of modest means to high net-worth individuals to investment groups whose buying power is in the tens of millions of dollars.

We specialize in consulting, brokerage, acquisition, and development. Due to our often exclusive, national affiliations, we are able to produce the best value and the strongest marketing platform for your property.

We are committed to the highest degree of accountability and transparency, providing relevant and accurate financial reporting while maximizing our client’s investment. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

For Buyers

Armed with sound market data and detailed asset class information, a knowledgeable buyer is more effective in acquiring assets at the best price. Our sound valuations enable clients to make informed offers that are rational, targeted, and successful.

For Sellers

Sound valuations also lead to proper pricing and realistic expectations at the onset. This results in the attraction of more serious inquiries, the elimination of insincere or unqualified buyers, as well as shorter listing periods and faster-closed transactions. For a more thorough discussion of how we do things differently, please see the SELLERS page!.

Our Fellow Brokers

Because our client properties are scattered through the United States, United Park Brokers engages in good faith, cooperative arrangements with diverse brokers nationwide, and we gladly co-broke with like-minded brokers interested in sharing this model. We adhere to the interstate laws and regulations governing our profession. We enter into precise, unambiguous contractual arrangements, keep our fiduciary duty to our clients at the foremost of our minds, and seek to maximize mutual goodwill and foster long-term broker relationships.

Beyond merely cooperating in the process of buying and selling properties, United Park Brokers is also able to confidentially counsel brokers and sellers whose listings may be languishing or who do not otherwise have experience with Outdoor Hospitality-based properties. United Park Brokers can, in many cases, help our fellow brokers effectively repackage and reposition their properties for the marketplace, and we are happy to discuss how we may assist in bringing better market visibility to the endeavor. Let’s schedule a time to discuss how we can combine efforts in an alliance beneficial to all.

Real World Experience

The main strength of United Park Brokers is our ability to produce sound and defensible valuations of the properties our clients are listing or contemplating purchasing, based on our experience managing properties nationwide.