Considering Selling?

Many groups are soliciting current owners to purchase their property. Ultimately, if you have considered selling, you want to partner with people you trust as part of your Success Team. You have worked endless hours and sweated all the details to create your legacy, and we respect this because we’ve lived the life you’re living. We’ve fixed plumbing with our hands. We’ve checked in countless guests. We’ve dealt with happy and unhappy customers. We’ve stayed up late thinking of new ways to increase business and save on expenses. We’ve lived onsite.

We’ve also managed over 70 parks of all sizes nationwide over a 40-year span, done feasibility studies on over 100, and built several from the ground up. And we’ve been directly involved in over $500M in transactions in the Outdoor Hospitality industry. Why not have a discussion with people who have been in your shoes, and discover how we can work together?

The Intrepid Group Difference: How We Sell

Several brokerage firms serve the Experiential Hospitality Industry, and each has a different approach. Over the decades we have been in this industry, we believe we have a unique way to get your property sold with the minimum amount of hassle and for the maximum benefit to you.

We do not send your listing out to the masses

We are matchmakers of sorts, paring your opportunity to the buyers we feel are the best candidates for what you are selling. While others may send emails to hundreds of people in their databases, we would rather not cause disturbance to your staff and guests by making it publicly known you are considering selling. This results in targeted, discreet, and professional inquiries and negotiations only after the prospective buyer has signed a binding non-disclosure agreement.

Buyers must execute a ‘showing agreement’

You probably don’t want ‘suits’ showing up and raising questions from staff and guests you’d rather not answer. Our proprietary agreement spells out in detail how such visits are to be conducted, and we will walk you through that process. It is, of course, inevitable that any buyer will need to visit the property and visit with you, but we can help steer this in the most confidential and efficient manner possible.

Our evaluations are free, but your time isn’t

Before listing, we will thoroughly evaluate your property in terms of the ‘book’ value and the uniqueness of your particular property. It isn’t ‘just math,’ and we believe you deserve experts in the industry to counsel you responsibly on a fair valuation. Unfortunately, we have seen instances where others have promised the moon to a seller, elevated expectations, and maybe even brought an offer that later ended up being ‘re-traded’ to a much lower price. Don’t waste your time on storytellers!

Trust is earned through deeds, not words

We believe ‘The Golden Rule’ is alive and well. You’ve earned the right to deal fairly and squarely with people who will show you respect and earn your trust through transparent, honest dealings at all times. We don’t know any other way to conduct ourselves.

We won’t hold you hostage.

We do not ask for lengthy listing agreements that bind you against your wishes. Yes, we ask for a reasonable amount of time to introduce your property to our buyers, and it can take a little time to sort through negotiations. That’s just the truth. But if after a reasonable time we are not producing the results you seek (which is highly unlikely), ultimately, we want what is best for you. If you decide you’d rather go in a different direction, we will recommend others with whom we are aligned to assist you.

We Are Also Buyers

Through our affiliated company, Invest Outdoors, UPB has partnered with select investors to acquire Outdoor Hospitality assets according to our investment criteria. It may be possible to arrange a sale to us directly! Our general criteria:


Nationwide. We do not limit ourselves geographically; we are more interested in existing performance and future realized opportunities.


50+ existing sites, if there is enough favorably zoned excess land to allow for expansion to allow for additional accommodations.


$300k in NOI (Net Operating Income) either in-place or can get there through expansion and the addition of ancillary revenue sources.

Get in touch with us and let’s schedule a time to discuss how we may be of assistance to you!

What Is The Next Step?

Simply fill out the form below with as much information as you can provide, and we will schedule a time to discuss your particular park, your particular situation, and your best outcome for success.