The Intrepid Group Is Growing!

The Intrepid Group is growing! We will be announcing some new key Team members in the next couple of weeks, as we position ourselves across multiple Outdoor Hospitality asset classes. We are also investors seeking opportunities in the San Antonio and Houston areas (and others). More to come on this soon! Also as a reminder, […]

Outdoor Hospitality Asset Buyers and Sellers

A little perspective for what it’s worth from someone who has lived exclusively in the Outdoor Hospitality asset class for over a quarter century (and counting!) Regarding the flood of investors seeking to acquire Outdoor Hospitality assets, the pandemic has absolutely been fuel for the fire, but the fire has been burning long before COVID. […]

WCM & RVB Launch New Series with Niki Benedict

At The Intrepid Group, we are thrilled to be partnering with Woodall’s Campground Magazine, RV Business Magazine and Niki Benedict’s company, Connecting Thru, in sponsoring Niki’s journey throughout the country! Big shout-out to Gregg Fore in pulling this all together. As part of Niki’s core work for WCM and RVB, she will be assisting UPB […]